Terms & Conditions

As a customer of the Vasar webstore you agree with the Terms & Conditions below.

1) If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we do not offer refunds. Filing in a chargeback or dispute request with your card provider and/or PayPal will result in your permanent suspension from all our services, in addition to your rank being removed.

2) We maintain the right to remove the item(s) associated with your purchase(s) at anytime if we feel it is necessary. We may also modify what is associated with your purchase(s).

3) We maintain the right to modify our shop without your consent. If package(s) or item(s) are modified in our shop after you have purchased such, you will keep your purchase.

4) You notice that all purchase(s) made on Vasar are virtual, and have no physical aspects. They are purely cosmetic and offer you no advantage in any of our services.

5) Your purchase(s) stays with you no matter what (unless we remove/modify such). Meaning if you are no longer on Minecraft:BE, or play on Vasar, etc- that is not our problem. You made the purchase agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

2) In the unlikely event of Vasar closing no refunds will be issued.

Profits made from Vasar are used to support service maintenance cost. We hope that offering purchasable cosmetics prompts players to essentially "donate" to Vasar.